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FAQs About West Hobart Electrical Services

Understanding electrical services can be quite complicated. This is why we have prepared answers to frequently asked questions about electrical services for you. This way, you can easily comprehend what needs to be done in terms of hiring the best electrical services. 

What are your hours of business?

Our normal business hours are from 7 am- 5 pm. We are also available outside these hours for any electrical emergencies, go to our contact page for our details or call 📞0408 397 345.

What areas do you service?

We service: 

#1. Sandy Bay 
#2. Kingston & Blacksman Bay
#3. New Town 
#4. Glenorchy 
#5. Bridgewater 
#6. Mornington 
#7. Bellerive 
#8. Cambridge 
#9. Sorell
#10. We service all of Southern Tasmania

How do I know if my house needs rewiring?

If you find fabric wrapped or black coloured cables entering your switchboard, this is an immediate sign that the wiring needs replacing. We can give you a free quote for your house rewire.

What is a safety switch and do I need one?

Safety switches, also known as RCDs, are designed to save lives. They will prevent an electric shock and are essential to electrical safety at home. RCDs are mandatory on all your circuits so you definitely need to have one. 

Is my job too small for you?

We are here to help everyone.  We don't handpick projects or discriminate against any job no matter how small or challenging.

My circuit breaker just tripped, is it dangerous for me to fix it on my own? 

Do not attempt to fix electrical issues on your own. If a circuit breaker trips, this means that any socket, outlets, or appliances could be overheating. If left in your own hands, this may cause a fire. It is important to call professional electricians near you if you're having this issue. 

What are the electrical services you offer?

We offer residential, commercial, and emergency electrical services such as: 

#1. 7 Days Emergency Response
#2. Switchboard Upgrade
#3. New PowerPoints
#4. Security and CCTV
#5. LED Lighting 
#6. Safety Switches 
#7. Smoke Alarms 


Do you still have some more questions? Talk directly to our friendly staff and electricians by calling 📞0408 397 345 today.