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8 Questions To Ask Your Electrician In Hobart

Electrical issues at home can be annoying, especially if the problem is a big one. Even if there’s a small issue, it might be signalling a much larger one. This is why calling a licensed professional electrician will always be the best choice when faced with electrical issues.

Being the owner of one of Hobart's trusted electrician businesses, I know that customers sometimes find it difficult to explain the issue or have questions for us. This is why it will help you to have a few questions prepared in advance to avoid any similar situations. Let’s look at some of the common questions you’d like to ask the electrician. And if you are in Hobart or surrounding areas, you can always contact us with all your questions for any electrical job. Reach out to us on 0408 397 345.

#1. Do You Have the License to be an Electrician?

One of the most important things to know is that anyone working on the electricals in your house should be a licensed electrician. This is crucial because it might be that the work on an unlicensed electrician may not get approved by your state. Always ask the electrician to present a relevant, valid license approved by the state. If you are dealing with an electrical contracting company, they must hold an Electrical Contractor License.

#2. Will You Need a Permit for this Job?

Small jobs like updating light fixtures or replacing outlets will usually not require any inspection or permit. However, rewiring the entire house, panel change outs, installation of standby generators and other larger jobs will usually require a state-granted permit as well as a visit from their designated inspector.

#3. Who Will Take Care of Associated Repairs?

The majority of the electrical system in your house is usually hidden behind walls or ceilings. So, depending on the required work, the electrician might need to cut through any access holes in the drywall. Since electricians are not always experts in repairing these holes, you need to make sure that you are aware of how much of the repair work will be managed and executed by the electrician.

#4. Is this a Common Job for You?

Experience can be an important element when it comes to electrical work. A reputable electrician will usually be straightforward and honest with you if a specific job is outside their scope of work or too complex. See how our happy customers have given us positive reviews because of our quality and honest work.

#5. Is this Fix for My Problem Long-term?

There are cases where the electrician might do a less invasive and temporary fix for a problem. This is common when the problem is something more extensive like an older wiring or underperforming main electrical panel. Just don’t let the long-term solution be ignored for too long.

#6. Should I Expect Any Disruptions?

In the case of most electrical works, there will be a need for the power to be turned off in either the entire house or at least the room where the work will be done. That is why you need to ask your electrician what will be required to do the job safely.

#7. Is there a Service Guarantee or Warranty?

Most electrical contractors will honour manufacturer warranties on devices or fixtures that you purchase from them for any job. They will usually also offer a guarantee on their labour. You need to have this information with you in writing for you to be able to reference it in the future if needed.

#8. Is Electrical Safety Inspection Part of the Job?

You need to get periodic safety inspections to ensure everything electrical in your house is working properly. Depending on the size of the job, the electrician might perform all tasks needed in electrical safety inspections. However, don’t be afraid to ask. You might have to pay a little extra, but it will be worth it.

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