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Are you in Hobart and looking for a team you can rely on? Our expert residential electricians have got you covered! 

More often than not, homeowners are confronted with electrical issues that seem to be larger than life. Fixing these issues by yourself is not even a great option! This is where residential electricians come in. 


Our residential electricians at West Hobart Electrical are geared towards resolving any electrical issues such as faulty wiring, frequent lighting issues, and circuit overload at home. We have the proper training and finest equipment for any electrical issues, no matter how complex they are. 

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Why do I need residential electricians? 


Residential electricians are specifically trained in helping you with electrical issues frequent at home or any residential property. Some of their specialised services are: 


#1. Provides proper residential wiring systems 

#2. Resolve circuit overload due to broken appliances 

#3. Install new lighting systems 

#4. Regular maintenance of appliances and other devices 

#5. On-site inspection 


Residential Electricians Hobart

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Can I fix my own residential electrical problems?

Although this might seem a cheaper option, you are actually warranting more unnecessary costs. Without the right training and proper tools, you’ll end up risking your safety and having damage to your home.

When should I call a residential electrician? 


Recognizing the apparent signs of needing a residential electrician is important. As such, you have to look out for these signs in order to provide immediate action: 


#1. Constant flickering of lights 

#2. Frequent shutting off of appliances 

#3. Sudden warming or electrical surfaces or devices

#4. Risks from faulty power points 

#5. Sudden spark from plugging and unplugging devices

#6. Electrical outlet discoloration 

#7. Acrid smell from faulty wiring 

What questions do I need to ask a residential electrician? 

#1. Do you offer expert advice on residential electrical systems?
#2.  Are you a Master Electricians Member?
#3. Do you offer a warranty for your completed job?
#4. Are you Arctick Certified?
#5. How long have you been in the industry?
#6. Do you offer advice on how we can save on our electricity bills?
#7. Do you offer free quotes?


What are the benefits of hiring residential electricians? 

To ensure the best outcome, hiring professional residential electricians entitles you to these benefits: 

#1. Insured Services - If anything goes wrong, rest assured that the services offered are insured and can financially protect you from any losses due to damage. 

#2. Certified & Qualified - residential electrical experts have the necessary expertise and certification in dealing with the electrical systems of residential or commercial setting

#3. Proper Training & Equipment - residential electricians are geared towards efficiency from years of training and using high-quality tools and equipment

#4. Safety - If you hire a trusted and expert electrician, your safety, as well as your family’s and the community’s, would be ensured. 

#5. Fast & On-time - professional residential electricians will come to your home or any residential property on time and resolve any issue without unnecessary delays. 

Why Choose West Hobart Electrical?

Our residential electricians are highly trained and capable to offer not just professional, but also insured electrical services. We are certified and backed up with 20 years of experience in the industry. 


If you need maintenance, repair or even an emergency call out, we are there to help you with all your electrical needs. We also offer these benefits if you choose us: 

#1. First-class Customer Service

#2. Complete Electrical Services 

#3. Upfront FREE Quotes

#4. On-time and clean up after ourselves

#5. Best electrical products 


Confident with the service that we provide, we make sure our products and services are always top-notch! 

If you are looking for specialists in residential electrical services,  give us a call today on 📞0408 397 345. We got the right solutions for your electrical needs.